Best Horror Audiobooks

A round-up of the creepiest, scariest, most haunting audiobooks in the horror genre

Hello, Clarice. Do You Want To Play A Game? Do you like scary movies? What about scary audiobooks? Thought so. Well, the good news is, They’re Here. Those spine-tingling, goosebump raising, horror audiobooks guaranteed to have you scared to close your eyes. And scared to open them. A carefully chosen list of the very best horror books on Audible, Apple or wherever you seek your frights. 


Horror Audiobooks Defined


What are we counting as horror? Is it purely the spooky and spectral? After all, sometimes dead is better. But we won’t limit ourselves to paranormal screams. This list is something of a smorgasbord of  shocks and terrors. It has monsters and ghosts, ladies in lakes and zombies pretty much everywhere. 


So, be afraid. Be very afraid. Without further ado, Heeeere’s Johnny!


PS. How many horror movie quotes were shoehorned into this intro? The answer will shock and appall you.  

Top 10 Horror Audiobooks


The Winter People


Jennifer McMahon

Read By

Cassandra Campbell, Käthe Mazur

If you’re after the best horror audiobooks backed by stellar storylines, Jennifer McMahon’s works should be at the top of your to-listen list. And The Winter People is her masterpiece. Grief, betrayal, fear and vengeance all swirl together in this evocative, dramatic chiller.


The Haunting of Hill House


Shirley Jackson

Read By

Bernadette Dunne

There’s nothing more classic in horror than a haunted house and there’s no author more suited to write it than the queen of classic horror, Shirley Jackson. Snapped up by Netflix and reimagined for a modern audience, the original is spooky, subtle and gave me actual chills of the full body kind.


Bird Box


Josh Malerman

Read By

Katharine Mangold

One of the best horror audiobooks around envisions our world beset by monsters. And yet Josh Mallerman’s creations do not tear flesh or break bones. They don’t have to. They make humans destroy themselves. And all it takes is one look. One glance at these creatures drives people to madness, violence, suicide and murder.


The Institute


Stephen King

Read By

Santino Fontana

Honestly I could have filled this list with Stephen King’s works. But you’ve already heard of IT, Pet Sematary, Needful Things and The Shining, right? So what would be the fun in that? Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be a list of the best horror audiobooks with him so here we are. Released in 2019, this part coming-of-age, part suspenseful thriller shows The King’s still got it.


Swan Song


Robert R. McCammon

Read By

Tom Stechschulte

It’s the end of the world and all the monsters have come out to play. Prepare to enter the worst reality imaginable in what is surely one of the scariest audiobooks around. Malevolence, destruction and terror abound in this epic battle of good versus evil.


The Hunger


Alma Katsu

Read By

Kristen Potter

Betrayal, rivalries, death and even cannibalism famously plagued the ill-fated Donner Party on their journey to California. But Alma Katsu’s reimagining of the tale of the doomed pioneers adds a supernatural slant. Incredibly well researched and with a dreamy quality that’ll put you under its spell, this is a brilliant bit of historical horror.


The Turn of the Screw


Henry James

Read By

Emma Thompson

We’re getting gothic now, with this 19th century tale of paranoia, ghostly sightings and a battle of good versus evil. Turned into the fantastic Netflix series The Haunting at Bly Manor, this will give you chills while adding a touch of classics cred to your reading list.


The Ruins


Scott Smith

Read By

Patrick Wilson

A Mexican holiday turns to horror when a group of teens stumble into a nightmare. Trapped and isolated, they find themselves at the mercy of something sinister, mysterious and “other”.


We Need to Talk About Kevin


Lionel Shriver

Read By

Coleen Marlo

The horror is all too real in this story of a school shooting. Told from the perspective of the shooter’s mother, Ava, this is an audiobook that compels, confounds and is utterly unforgettable.


The Snow


Flint Maxwell

Read By

Matt Godfrey

The snow starts, but never stops. It brings with it supernatural horrors and turns a weekend away into a fight for survival. The characters are likeable, the stakes are high and the story sinister. A lesser known gem well worth a listen.

Best Horror Audiobooks: Best of the Rest

Phew. That was difficult. Selecting just ten best horror audio novels was a wrench. So here are yet more brilliant examples of this terrifying genre, listed A-Z.


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Do You Want To Play A Game? - Saw


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Scared to close my eyes. And scared to open them. - The Blair Witch Project


Sometimes dead is better - Pet Sematary