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Audiobook Review

The Only One Left

Riley Sager
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average rating is 5 out of 5
average rating is 4 out of 5

Excellent, Unforgettable, Best of the nest

Very good, thoroughly enjoyed, 

Good, Solid, Enjoyed many aspects


A bit Shirley Jackson, a bit Downton Abbey


🧡 So, apparently, modern gothic horror is a thing. And I’m here for it. This is a reimagining of the Lizzy Borden murders, creepy rhyme and all. And it’s done very well, with every thread connecting to another in a smart way.

💚 There are some unnecessarily silly character decisions made for plot advancement, but that’s a small niggle. And I’m not sure how I feel about the ending.


🎧Casting Regina Reagan and Stephanie Cannon was a brilliant move. Both were exactly right for their roles and managed to bring other characters to life as well.

🎧 Chapter listings didn’t match, but otherwise a good production.


I wanted supernatural stuff… There was something a bit unsatisfying about Lenora/Virginia’s story and I think that would have done it.
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The Only One Left


At seventeen, Lenora Hope

Hung her sister with a rope

Now reduced to a schoolyard chant, the Hope family murders shocked the Maine coast one bloody night in 1929. While most people assume seventeen-year-old Lenora was responsible, the police were never able to prove it. Other than her denial after the killings, she has never spoken publicly about that night, nor has she set foot outside Hope's End, the cliffside mansion where the massacre occurred.

Stabbed her father with a knife

Took her mother's happy life

It's now 1983, and home-health aide Kit McDeere arrives at a decaying Hope's End to care for Lenora after her previous nurse fled in the middle of the night. In her seventies and confined to a wheelchair, Lenora was rendered mute by a series of strokes and can only communicate with Kit by tapping out sentences on an old typewriter. One night, Lenora uses it to make a tantalizing offer - I want to tell you everything.

"It wasn't me," Lenora said

But she's the only one not dead

As Kit helps Lenora write about the events leading to the Hope family massacre, it becomes clear there's more to the tale than people know. But when new details about her predecessor's departure come to light, Kit starts to suspect Lenora might not be telling the complete truth - and that the seemingly harmless woman in her care could be far more dangerous than she first thought.
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