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Audiobook Review

The Mandibles: A Family, 2029-2047

Lionel Shriver
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average rating is 4 out of 5
average rating is 4 out of 5

Excellent, Unforgettable, Best of the nest

Very good, thoroughly enjoyed, 

Good, Solid, Enjoyed many aspects


Staggeringly Smart Economic Horror Story


🧡 First things first: Loved We Need To Talk About Kevin. This. Is. Not. That. Completely different. That dispensed with, a few thoughts…

💚 Chilling, but told with wit and through interesting characters, this shows the world as we know it falling apart in a way that seems too realistic to dismiss. Through one family, Shriver explores how people adapt to change and how far that change can go., Definite similarities shared with The Ministry For the Future.


🎧 I managed to listen to this while going ‘bout my business, but it wasn’t easy. Lots of characters, one narrator throughout, meant that I did struggle to follow at times.

🎧 With that said, the narrator in question, George Newbern, is thoroughly engaging. He has a great way with dry humour and is a bit of a master at subtly ribbing the aloof nonchalance of privilege.


Nothing here. Maybe next time!
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The Mandibles: A Family, 2029-2047


It is 2029. The Mandibles have been counting on a sizable fortune filtering down when their 97-year-old patriarch dies. Yet America's soaring national debt has grown so enormous that it can never be repaid. Under siege from an upstart international currency, the dollar is in meltdown. A bloodless world war will wipe out the savings of millions of American families. Their inheritance turned to ash, each family member must contend with disappointment but also - as the effects of the downturn start to hit - the challenge of sheer survival.

Recently affluent Avery is petulant that she can't buy olive oil while her sister, Florence, is forced to absorb strays into her increasingly cramped household. As their father, Carter, fumes at having to care for his demented stepmother now that a nursing home is too expensive, his sister, Nollie, an expat author, returns from abroad at 73 to a country that's unrecognisable. Perhaps only Florence's oddball teenage son, Willing, an economics autodidact, can save this formerly august American family from the streets.
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