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Audiobook Review

I See You

Clare Mackintosh
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average rating is 4 out of 5
average rating is 5 out of 5

Excellent, Unforgettable, Best of the nest

Very good, thoroughly enjoyed, 

Good, Solid, Enjoyed many aspects


Chills and Thrills


💛 I keep changing my mind! 4 or 5? It's a 5. I had been thinking the premise was unrealistic by sadly - oh so sadly - I think it could happen. That plus the fact that it holds up on a second listen confirms top stars rating, even though some of the characters annoyed me beyond belief. Even given that, this is a gripping, chilling and clever, well paced thriller with plenty going on throughout.

💚 I did guess parts of the ending, but not too early in the proceedings and I enjoyed the journey nonetheless. Big thumbs up.

🧡 If you enjoy this, Shari Lapena and J.P. Delaney are both authors with a similar style to this. Also, I Highly recommend Clare Mackintosh’s first book, I Let You Go.

PS. Quick rant in the spoiler:..


🎧 In addition to being the terrifying Delores Umbridge in Harry Potter films, Rachel Atkins is a seasoned crime thriller narrator, having read books by Rachel Abbott, K.L. Slater and Lucy Dawson, to name just three.

🎧 Funnily enough her voice in much of this performance brings to mind her Harry Potter co-star Zoe Wanamaker in her role in My Family. I think the story could have benefitted from at least one more narrator. This isn’t anything to do with Rachel Atkins, but there wasn’t enough to biographically differentiate the two main characters. Both were 30-40 year old women with similar accents.

🎧 Some of the best bits are the creepy matchmaker monologues. Bone chilling and brilliantly delivered by Atkins.


Zoe is FAR too forgiving of Simon. I was instantly creeped out by him and even though the job thing is possss-ibly (but not probably) forgivable, his relationship with her kids isn't. And as for Kelly's lack of self control in following orders, first time is understandable, second time was completely wrong. Especially as she blabbed about it to her sister! Okay. Okay. I think that's it. On a completely different point, rereading this allowed me to appreciate the breadcrumbs Mackintosh drops along the way, like the villain asking for details of the police enquiry. Brrr. My spine.
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I See You


It all starts during her commute home one night. Zoe Walker glances through her local paper and sees her own face staring back at her in a classified ad. With the grainy photo is a phone number and a listing for a website called

In the following days, she sees other women in the same ad, a different one every day, and nearly all of them show up in the newspapers as victims of increasingly violent crimes--including murder.

With the help of a determined cop, Zoe uncovers the ad's twisted purpose...And suddenly, the man on the train sitting across the car--the one smiling at Zoe--could be more than just a friendly stranger. He could be someone who has deliberately chosen her and is ready to make his next move...
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