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Reach for the stars

Our Review Policy

We’re always open to review submissions from both independent and represented authors.

So, what sort of audiobooks do we review?

Genres We Review


  • Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic

  • Contemporary

  • Dystopian

  • Fantasy

  • Horror

  • Humour/Satire

  • Psychological Mystery/Thriller

  • Science Fiction


We don’t generally review romance or erotica, but it’s probably fine if there are elements of them within a wider plot. 


Not sure if your book will speak to us? Your best bet is to check out our past reviews and top tens. 

Star Ratings:

We aim to recommend the best audiobooks to our users, as well as to support authors and narrators. That’s why we only post reviews of listens we’d rate at 3 stars or more. If we listen, but don’t review, it could be for many reasons. Most likely, it just wasn’t to the personal taste of our (very few) reviewers. 


Here’s what our star ratings mean: 








Every audiobook is awarded two ratings:


  • Overall: Our view of the audiobook as a whole, taking account of story, writing, performance, duration, and production. 

  • Performance: This focuses on the audio elements. We rate based on the quality of narration and production as well as the feel of the performance. For example:


  • How easy is it to follow the plot in an audio format?

  • How distinctive are the performances of different characters? 

  • Are the narrators appropriate for the role(s)?

  • How well-signposted are chapters and sections?


As part of this, we look for proper chapter listings and narrator credits on the digital menu. That just means the chapter numbers listed should match the audio segments as they would in a paperback. There should, for example, be separate segments for credits as well as any prologues/epilogues. 


Excellent, unforgettable, best of The Nest

Very good, thoroughly enjoyed

Good, solid, enjoyed many aspects

How to submit:


You can submit your audiobook using the form below.

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