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Free Audiobooks? I’m Listening.

The Plus Catalogue is a whole library of free audiobooks for Audible members. Seriously. Freeeee. Now, let’s state the obvious. These are free for Audible subscribers. So that means a fee. One that starts from £7.99 a month. So…. Does that count as free?


I see it as an added bonus. A perk, if you will. Or maybe like the complimentary breakfast at a hotel. You pay for the room, you get to inhale the omelette bar. That’s a deal I can get behind. 


Excellent. Awkward part out of the way. Now we can get down to the quality of the selection. According to Audible, their Plus selection includes thousands of free audiobooks and podcasts, all of them Audible Originals. 


So far, things look promising. Good variety of genres, authors and titles and some truly brilliant listens. 


Just one last thing before we get to the reviews. Please keep supporting the authors and narrators where you can by buying audiobooks. 


Alright, here we go. Free audiobook reviews, no more waiting.

Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection


Don Roff

Read By

Stephen R. Thorne

This first person account of a zombie apocalypse is made to sound like a real recording by its main character. And with it being just two hours long, this one’s a (ahem) no-brainer.

My Dead World


Jacqueline Druga

Read By

Vanessa Johansson

A sombre, but compelling take on the zombie genre, this has the prepper origins and close friendships of Sarah Lyons Fleming but with much more of a The Road style. An easy listen for any zombie fiction fan.

Brave New World


Aldous Huxley

Read By

Michael York

Aldhous Huxley’s renowned utopia-dystopia is one of several classics available. as free audio listens in the Plus scheme. If you haven’t listened to this before, I highly recommend it.

The Marriage Pact


Michelle Richmond

Read By

Tom Taylorson

The Marriage Pact is an agreement. A promise to follow a few simple rules to keep your marriage happy. It’s also part of being in an exclusive, enigmatic and powerful club. For newlyweds Alice and Jake, it’s the start of a nightmare. This tale of manipulation reminded me of the Michael Douglas 90’s blockbuster The Game.

The Midnight Library


Matt Haig

Read By

Carey Mulligan

The Midnight Library is one of the best audiobooks I’ve ever heard. Carey Mulligan delivers her usual incredible performance, while the premise of being able to right all wrongs was intoxicating. What’s more, I don’t think I would have heard it had it not been for the Plus Catalogue. was one of those listens I vaguely intended to buy, but never quite tempted me enough to warrant my monthly credit.