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Audiobook Review


Arc of a Scythe, #1
Neal Shusterman
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average rating is 4 out of 5
average rating is 4 out of 5

Excellent, Unforgettable, Best of the nest

Very good, thoroughly enjoyed, 

Good, Solid, Enjoyed many aspects


An Ode To Death with Tones of The Hunger Games.


🧡 What are the downsides of immortality? Because in this world, that exists. People can live forever, even become younger and be revived from death. But some must die to prevent overpopulation. And the role of killing them belongs to the Scythes.

💚 It’s a very flawed concept, but nonetheless an interesting and thought-provoking one. I kept thinking of loopholes and plot holes, but Stephenson builds an intricate world that’s worth spending time in.

💜 The two younger main characters fall a bit flat. I kept comparing this to The Hunger Games and I never connected with these characters like I did with Katniss and Petar.

🖤 If you like sci-fi and don’t mind dipping into the YA section, give this a go. Even though I didn’t love this I did go on to read the next two in the series. I like the questions it posed and it stayed with me.


🎧 Greg Tremblay’s performance definitely affected how I perceived this story. I’d describe it as purposefully dispassionate so as to reflect the tone of the main scythe. It was undoubtedly an excellent performance, but as the only voice, it made the whole story seem flat.


No spoilers for this one. Maybe next time!
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Two teens must learn the "art of killing" in this Printz Honor-winning book, the first in a chilling new series from Neal Shusterman, author of the New York Times best-selling Unwind Dystology series.

A world with no hunger, no disease, no war, no misery: Humanity has conquered all those things and has even conquered death. Now Scythes are the only ones who can end life - and they are commanded to do so in order to keep the size of the population under control.

Citra and Rowan are chosen to apprentice to a scythe - a role that neither wants. These teens must master the "art" of taking life, knowing that the consequence of failure could mean losing their own.

Scythe is the first novel of a thrilling new series by National Book Award-winning author Neal Shusterman in which Citra and Rowan learn that a perfect world comes only with a heavy price.
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